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Did Apple really deliver with the iPhone 4s?

I have to admit that I was impress (as always) with the well executed iPhone 4s introduction, the folks at Apple have learned from the master itself in making small, expected and some time irrelevant things make sound like they are huge and important.

They make us all believe that you need this phone now, and people follow and buy a lot of phones!

Now, for the second time this year the initial emotion of having in my hand a brand new apple product lasted only 5 minutes tops (iPad 2 was the first)

In the case of the iPhone 4s the disappointment was bigger than with the iPad 2, the reason is because 2 days earlier I was already using iOS 5 on my still cool, fast and equally alike iPhone 4

The specs difference does not justify the price for my early upgrade fee of $450, so what else is new ? Siri ? Well although promising it is a beta software, there is no logical reason why Siri could not run on the iPhone 4 or the iPad 2; however Apple probably use this to make it a unique feature of the 4s to sell more phones. Siri is not perfect, does not like loud places and to me it is slow, making it only interesting when you are driving, well and my Latin accent only make things worst

Don’t get me wrong, I still like Apple products, DNA, culture etc, I cry when SJ passed away last week, but we need to analyze our needs instead of doing what they told us to buy.

In technology, tomorrow’s gadget is always going to be faster, smaller and lighter than today’s, so I will never expect a apple product introduction saying the contrary

My advice:

If you have an iPhone 4, wait for the 5!

If after iOS 5 your 3Gs is still fast, keep it, if not get the new one

If you have an older iPhone get the new one!

Do not get an iPhone bigger than 16GB , you don’t need the extra space

imitation is the best form of flattery ? – Microsoft retail stores

I was recently in Denver, Colorado walking in a shopping mall when I found this:

I knew about this, but for some reason they are not popular in South Florida (and looking for the amount of people inside, neither in Denver) so I’ve never visited one.

Is Microsoft expanding this? aside from the xBox stuff this is a retail store to sell somebody else products? or maybe people are at home thinking mmm I need a copy of Windows 7 Service Pack 42.

Good luck to them.