Is Chipotle really healthy ?

You may be fooled by the organic promotions all over their Chipotle restaurants and ads, but to make the call of “healthy” we need to define what healthy means, at least my definition of healthy.

If healthy means eating food without pesticides, hormones and humanly grown animals then Chipotle is healthy.

If eating a 910 calories and 2080 mg of sodium ( 90% DV ) Burrito Bowl then the answer is NO, for a 2000 calories daily diet this is almost half of your allowed intake, and if you forget the chips (570 calories) and a non diet soda (200 calories) you are over 1500 calories in one meal.

Dont get me wrong, I love Chipotle, I love their food taste and flavor, I love that I can order my food with my iPhone and the Chipotle App and my co-workers have to do a long line ( maybe the 15 minutes standing in line will help them burn 5 calories ) , I just figured it out if I skip the chips, drink water and don’t have breakfast going there make sense 🙁

By the way here is Chipotle Nutritional info

And below if my Burrito Bowl setup.

Cilantro-Lime Rice 3 oz. 130
Black or Pinto Beans 4 oz. 120
Steak 4 oz. 190
Tomato Salsa 3.5 oz. 20
Corn Salsa 3.5 oz. 80
Cheese 1 oz. 100
Sour Cream 2 oz. 120
Guacamole 3.5 oz 150

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