Top 10 Burgers in South Florida – Jr’s Gourmet Burgers

The list was down to 3 restaurants so I decided to try one of them, I drove to Miami Spring and arrived to Jr’s Gourmet Burgers at 3.20 pm on a Tuesday. Even tough I had my iPhone GPS with me I did not find the place easily, so I parked my car and decide to walk around, to my surprise I parked in front of the restaurant, the logo is small and difficult to read, but hey, maybe I need glasses.

I was the only one at the restaurant this particular day, so it felt lonely; The restaurant is small, maybe 10 to 12 small tables with a small bar and maybe 4 to 5 stools, some decoration but definitely this is not where this place shines. the waitress approach me and provide me with the menu

I went for a 1/2 pound BBQ Bacon Cheddar, a soda and some garlic fries, after a few minutes they bring me a bottle of coke, and approximately after 5 to 7 minutes the owner brings the Burger, this is how it looked:

Almost at the end of my meal the owner ask me how was the burger and we start talking, he told me they are in business since October of 2010, works with his wife and have 3 daughters, He is the chef / manager and loves to try different things, you can see a lot more on their website, Jr is a nice guy and I wish him luck, probably a better location could make his business even better, although he says that weekends are their busiest days.

The Good:

– Family Own Business
– Clean, comfortable
– Friendly Chef / Owner involved in the day to day.

The Bad:

– Paper rolls as napkins
– Decoration can lift the whole restaurant appearance
– The restaurant needs more advertising from the outside.

The Burger:

The burger was good, cooked to perfection (medium that is), perfect size and really tasty, the bacon could be crispier, but overall this was a really good burger, the fries where also really good, and to make it even better they offer me a flan for desert that was also really good.

Overall Experience: 8 out of 10

Food: 9 out of 10

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