Top 10 Burgers in South Florida – Pincho Factory

After taking a break from this burger mania of mine, I went for the last 2 places on the list, so on a saturday afternoon I drove west to Pincho Factory. The restaurant is located on a busy strip mall, their logo sign is clearly outside welcoming you to the place, after parking I went inside and I was the only one there, only one lady taking orders and one cook on the back.

Looked at the menu and noticed that they only have 2 types of burgers, the Pincho One and a Single (or Double burger), as the name implies this is a Pincho place, not a burger place so my expectations started to fade away. I order one Pincho Burger and one Single Burger with ketchup & mustard, tomatoes and raw onions thinking they where small enough for me to eat 2 of them, no fries and a soda.

After 5 ~ 7 minutes my meal was ready and I went to pick up my tray, I noticed fries on the tray and mention to the employee (not the original lady ) that I did not order fries, he said if I want the fries I can keep them so free fries for me. This is how it looked:

After opening and eating my first Single burger I went for the second one hopping to taste the Pincho Burger, to my surprise it was another Single Burger with ketchup and mustard … I was so impress that being the only person in the restaurant they got my order wrong, come on guys, it is not that difficult!.

The Good:

– Clean, comfortable
– Good prices

The Bad:

– Didn’t take my order correctly

The Burger:

The burger was below average, maybe the signature one is the really good one, but I honestly doubt it because the meat was not great, it didn’t have that good fresh flavor, I’m not a chef neither a cook, but feels to me that this where frozen patties taken from the freezer after my order. The fries where average too.

Overall Experience: 7 out of 10

Food: 5 out of 10

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Burgers in South Florida – Pincho Factory”

  1. Dear Jose,

    Thank you for taking the time to come by, and write about your experience. I must however, address a few issues I found in your writing. Our meat, is never frozen, our patties are made here in house by hand, about twice a day. Furthermore, the difference between the Pincho Burger, and the Single Burger, is very little. The descriptions below the burgers state this. The only difference between the 2, is the Pincho Burger comes with a preset toppings, being Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Raw Onions, our Pink Sauce, and Shoe String Potatoes (papitas). Where as the Single Burger starts off as just Meat and Bread, and you add the toppings you wish from there. If my staff actually did get your order wrong, or assumed you didn’t want the lettuce or papitas on your second burger, corrective matters are taking place as we speak (I enjoy giving out a good tongue lashing).

    Again, thank you for the feed back, and I hope you will return and try out more of our items.

  2. Great to hear from you, I’m glad you take the time to correct my post. As a suggestion, I noticed a lot of ingredients on your restaurant that you use for your pitas & salads, you should add them to your burger options as well, imagine a sweet and spice burger ? or maybe a cilantro burger.

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