Top 10 Burgers in South Florida – ROK Burger

On Tuesday the 26, I went up north to Fort Lauderdale to try the number one burger place on ABC’s local10 list, ROC burger .

This restaurant is located on a street filled with a lot of other restaurants, all of them with outside seating, since I’m not from the area I assume is west of Downtown Fort Lauderdale. I’m guessing that at night this scenery is more appealing that in the afternoon, it kind of felt lonely; I arrived around 2.30 pm, maybe 5 or 6 tables occupied, I went for the Bar and Josh politely offered me the menu and if I want any of the many beers they have to offer. Went for a Coke and order a ROK:BRGR medium.

After 6 or 7 minutes Josh bring me a small plate with a small portion of fries, some ketchup and bbq and their famous burger.

The Good:

– Really Nice Bar
– Clean, dark inside, comfortable
– Good Service

The Bad:

– This place is actually a Bar, actually a “burger Bar”, it was laud at lunch, I can imagine this being lauder at night.

The Burger:

Let me start by saying that for me the perfect Burger size is 8oz, this was 10oz and this makes it difficult to eat with your hands, also when the patty has to much fat and it is big it drips a lot of juices, this was the case with the ROK:BRGR and at some point the plate looked like a soup and I was unable to put the burger down, Thank God the burger was so good that I eat all of it.

They have a lunch special for $12 with a soda, even tough there is a small portion of fries (I actually think this is a good thing) it is a really good deal !

Overall Experience: 9 out of 10

Food: 9 out of 10

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